My Pearl Restringing Process

Pearl Restringing 8

First, the preparation.

The pearl restringing process begins with a detailed inventory – I count the pearls or beads in each piece, and also make note of any special features or blemishes in the pearls that I see. If it is a complex pattern, I will also take photos to make sure that it is restrung the exact same way when it is complete. After this inventory is taken, I thoroughly clean your jewelry with a mild cleaning solution, gently wipe them, and allow them to air dry. I then carefully cut each pearl or bead from the jewelry piece, laying them out on a beading board in the order that they will be restrung.

Next, the actual pearl restringing.

I thread every pearl onto high quality pre-stretched nylon* thread, which is tightly knotted after each and every pearl, unless the pattern requires otherwise. These knots are crucial – they prevent your pearls from rubbing against each other and slowly wearing away the nacre (pearl coating), and they also protect you from losing all of your pearls in the event of a break in your strand. With all pearl restringing and many bead restringing jobs, I reinforce each end with French wire, which acts as a shield for the nylon thread where it would be in constant contact with the metal clasp.

*A note on nylon thread
I use nylon instead of silk for a few reasons. I believe that is longer lasting, which enables you to get more wear out of your jewelry before needing to have it restrung. Nylon can be pre-stretched, preventing your strands from getting all stretched out (which means they won’t grow in length). Silk can start to fray as soon as you tie a knot in it, which you can sometimes see with the naked eye. Nylon does not do that, which is another reason that your jewelry will look nicer and be safe to wear for longer than if restrung with silk. If you want your jewelry strung on silk please let me know, I will certainly do what makes you happiest.

Then, the finish.

When I have completed the bead or pearl restringing, I very carefully inspect your necklace (bracelet, or anklet), ensuring that it meets my high standards. If it doesn’t, it will be carefully cut apart, and completely redone. When your jewelry passes my inspection, it is returned to you, ready to enjoy.